The Drama Department aims to treat Drama as an art form, a practical activity and an intellectual discipline. We allow students to express themselves and to learn about the world around them in a supported and creative environment.

"Theatre is the art of looking at ourselves" 

Augusto Boal 

learning journey drama 2023.pdf

Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 and 9)

Year 7

Introduction to drama. Commedia dell’arte- Using a 16th century style of comedy to explore our use of face, body and space to create comedy

The Kindertransport - Exploring realism, researching, developing characters and performing scenes. Applying Stanislavski techniques. 

Musical Theatre Project - Exploring the world of musical theatre with a focus on Matilda The Musical. Students create a musical performance with their class.

Year 8

Physical Theatre - Learning about movement, space and ensemble using practitioners such as Frantic Assembly. 

A Midsummer Night's Dream - Exploring comedy, costume, staging and script extracts.

Year 9

Exploring a play text - War Horse. Using the script to analyse different characters, themes theatre makers to create performance. Applying Stanislavski techniques. 

Devising drama. Using a variety of stimuli to explore the theme "Riots" applying the theatre practitioners of Brecht and Boal. This unit of work also explores the local history of the Southall riots in the 1970s.

Comedy - Exploring different types of comedy resulting in the creation of a sitcom.  

Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11)

GCSE Exam Board: Eduqas

Year 10 

  • Introduction to GCSE drama. 
  • Exploring dramatic stimulus
  • Theatre Practitioners
  • Devising drama 
  • Drama portfolio
  • Evaluating performance
  • Scripted performance
  • Live Theatre Review
  • Set Text exploration "The IT" 

Year 11:

  • Component 1 - Devising Theatre 
  • Component 2 - Performing from a Play Text
  • Component 3 - Written Exam 

Key Stage 5 (Years 12 and 13)

learning journey drama KS5.pdf

Exam Board: Edexcel/Pearson 

Year 12

  • Theatre Practitioners
  • Portfolio evidence 
  • Scripted performance 
  • Set Text "Equus" 
  • Live Theatre Review
  • Theatre Makers, lighting, sound, costume, set design. 
  • Component 1 - Devising 

Year 13

  • Component 3 - Theatre Makers in Practice Set Text "Lysistrata" and "Equus" along with Live Theatre Review
  • Component 2 - Text in Performance 

Sixth form Show Reel link attached

Success and Achievements:

GCSE Results consistently average a level 6 =        97% Grade 4 above 

A level results average grade B.                                100% A* - C

We are participating in the National Theatre New Views playwrighting project. (Photograph attached)

Drama students at Wiseman have gone on to attend Drama schools and gain first class degrees in Drama.

We encourage students to go the theatre as often as possible and run theatre trips for all year groups throughout the year. Opportunities throughout the year to take part in showcases, drama clubs, workshops and events. The Drama department is a lively, creative and friendly environment for a student to develop and learn.