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The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School


Key Stage 3

Year 9 : Stereo Amplifier Project


A cross curricular project linked with the Science and Mathematics Curriculum. Students will understand the properties of various components, integrated circuits and control devices in order to design and manufacture a working audio-amplifier circuit.

Learning Objectives/PLTS:

  • Be an Independent Enquirer when researching how various components and circuits work when modelling circuit designs in Circuit Wizard.
  • Produce innovative and creative design solutions for the casing of the amplifier and speakers; paying particular attention to the 6 R's
  • Be a Reflective Learner during the practical tasks, peer assessing each other’s circuits and design ideas so as to produce a high quality product
  • Use Self Manager Skills to meet deadlines and satisfy the design brief and specifications for the project


To manufacture a personal stereo amplifier with speakers for use with a mobile phone / iPhone / MP3. An exciting, modern project where the students make an electronic product that can be used at home. 

Key Stage 4

Electronics and Control Systems GCSE

Students will study how Electronics and Control Systems have evolved over time through the examination of products, past and present. They will consider how future electronic designs will impact on the world in which they live. Students will do this in order to further their understanding and awareness of modern trends and innovations in design and production and the impact that the design of such products is having on the environment, society and the economy. Moral, cultural, economic, environmental and sustainability issues are inherent within this course.

Electronics and Control Systems focus on:

  • Consideration of products, the environment, society and the economy
  • Modelling electronic control systems and design ideas using ‘simulation’ software
  • Programming integrated circuits to perform specific tasks
  • Designing and making printed circuit boards suitable for production in quantity
  • Designing and making quality products that add value

Unit A511: Introduction to Designing and Making

  • Demonstrate creativity
  • Developing designing skills
  • Demonstrate making skills
  • Evaluating skills

Unit A513: Making Quality Products

  • Develop and demonstrate designing skills
  • Working with tools and equipment
  • Evaluating skills

Unit A515: Sustainability and the technical aspects of designing and making

  • Knowledge of working with tools and equipment
  • Knowledge of materials
  • Selecting processes
  • Designing for success


The final written exam paper consists of questions that focus on sustainability and technical aspects of design and making within Electronics & Control Systems.

  • 40% of the total GCSE marks
  • 1 hour 30 minutes written paper

Section A consists of 15 short answer questions and one question involves extended writing. This section will focus on sustainability, product analysis and design.

Section B consists of questions that involve testing problem identification and problem solving capability, mathematical calculations, applied physics and extended writing. This section will focus on the technical aspects of Electronics and Control Systems