Making Payments

We are a cashless school and no longer accept payments within school by cash or cheque.

ParentPay is a secure online income collection and management service which allows you to make payments to school using your debit/credit cards or in cash at local PayPoint outlets.

All payments for school dinners, trips, instrumental lessons etc should be made online via ParentPay or by using PayPoint (Click here to find your nearest PayPoint).

This can be used to pay for:

  • School meals
  • Trips
  • Music lessons
  • Parent Voluntary Contributions

How Does ParentPay Work?

  • You have a secure online account accessible 24/7
  • We post items for payment to your account
  • You then choose how to pay
  • ParentPay keeps a record of all payments you make
  • You have greater control of your account using automated email/SMS alerts

How to Pay Online

See the guidance form ParentPay on how to top up your account and then make a payment

Pay point Card

For School Dinners only. Cards can be topped up at shops displaying the PayPoint symbol. Allow 48 hours for money to show on the account. Click here to find your nearest PayPoint

Bar Coded Letter

This can be used to pay for a school trip, event or music lessons. A new letter is required for each trip or event. The letter is taken to a shop displaying the PayPoint symbol where a cash payment may be made. The shop scans the letter and payment is sent to us in the same way as an online payment. Click here to find your nearest PayPoint

I want to pay my Voluntary Contributions

The Voluntary contributions can be paid via Parent Pay. If you pay UK income tax and /or capital gains tax the school can claim back 25p in every £1 you donate under the Gift Aid Scheme by ParentPay. Voluntary Contributions can also be paid using a bar coded letter (see above).