Religious Education

The Religious Education Department wholeheartedly supports our motto:

“All things for Christ.”

We believe that all students are made in the image and likeness of God and therefore are entitled to the very best quality of Religious Education. The Religious Education Department ensures our commitment to our motto through the delivery of outstanding teaching and learning, rigorous assessment of progress and high quality feedback and intervention strategies. Our success is based upon mutual respect between pupils and teachers and a collective vision of education and achievement which is shared by all members of the Religious Education Department.

Key Stage 3

Students follow a thematic approach to Religious Education; with areas of study including topics such as Community, Inspirational People and Islam. We aim to ensure students to grow in personal faith and also develop skills in understanding and evaluating religion and belief, academic writing and religious literacy.

Year 7 Units of Study: Community, People of God, Worship, Jesus, Islam, Knowing God.

Year 8 Units of Study: Catholic Social Teaching, Inspirational People, Judaism, Scripture Through Time, Church Development, Conflict and Reconciliation.

Year 9 Units of Study: Values (term one), Origins and Meaning (term two), Judaism (term three).

Key Stage 4

GCSE Religious Education is compulsory. All students follow the EDUQAS Catholic Route B Full Course syllabus. This consists of three papers; Foundational Catholic Theology, Applied Catholic Theology and Judaism.

Key Stage 5

A Level

Students follow the OCR syllabus. This consists of three papers; Philosophy, Ethics and Developments in Christian Thought.

Core RE

All 6th Form students have two Core RE lessons a fortnight throughout Year 12 and Year 13. This consists of a lecture (comprised of several classes) and then a ‘seminar style’ lesson in smaller class groups. They are assessed during the course through a variety of ways including in-class presentations.

Year 12 Units of Study: Religious Extremism (term one), Environmental Ethics (term two), Moral Maze (term three).

Year 13 Units of Study: Ethics and Morality (term one), Learning to Love (term two).

Successes and Achievements

The RE Department has been judged 'Outstanding' in our last three Diocesan (Section 48) Inspections (2009, 2014 and 2019).

Our GCSE results in 2019 were 12% Grade 9; 45% 9 - 7 and 81% 9 - 5.

Our A Level results in 2019 were 5% A*- A; 40% A*- B; 79% A*- C; 97% A*- D.

As well as delivering high quality teaching and learning, we are also engaged in acts of charity and social justice through our commitment to donations for Ealing Foodbank, as well as regularly contributing to the building of a school in Burkina Faso.

Wider Learning and Enrichment Opportunities

At Key Stage 3: We link our enrichment opportunities to the curriculum throughout the year. For example, Year 7 students created Christmas Cards to be sent to residents in Care Homes, Year 8 are invited to participate in the “challah challenge” (a baking competition) when studying Judaism, and all year groups support Red Wednesday through an awareness campaign.

At Key Stage 4: We link our enrichment opportunities to the GCSE curriculum. For example, students experience a talk from a Rabbi to support and develop their understanding of Judaism at GCSE level.

At Key Stage Five: When circumstances allow, students studying A Level attend ‘Candle Conferences’ to contribute to their wider learning. All 6th Form students are encouraged to support the 6th Form team by helping with deliveries to Ealing Foodbank