Subject Overview:

Sociology is the study of social life and social change. It adopts the perspective that individual behaviour can only be understood by studying people's social context and their webs of connection. An investigative `myth-busting' discipline, we critically examine core assumptions about social life. Research and teaching are often motivated by the desire to improve or challenge the conditions of life and society, and sociology provides a critical perspective on how and why we might change our social worlds.

Lessons are engaging and focus on a range of sociological topics, specialisms include:

  • Social division and inequality;
  • Crime
  • Sustainability and environment;
  • Social theory;
  • Globalisation and social change;

How does crime arise, and how does society deal with it? On this A Level you will explore issues of criminal behaviour, punishment and rehabilitation strategies while also examining the social forces that affect individuals and impact on their behaviour. Throughout the learning journey you will be encouraged to focus on the causes of inequality, the workings of society and to understand a range of social problems and policy issues. 

Key Stage 5 (Years’ 12 and 13) 

learning journey sociology KS5.pdf

Exam board:  AQA 

Content description: 

  • Paper 1    Education with theory and Methods
  • Paper 2    Topics in Sociology
  • Paper 3    Crime and Deviance with theory and Methods

 Success and Achievements: 

  • The Sociology department is a new department with a number of experienced teachers who teach with passion.
  • Many of the more recent pupils have gone on to study Sociology at Russel group universities.  
  • We have a reputation for outstanding teaching and high academic expectations of all of our students and actively encourage them to push themselves forward in achieving their goals. 
  • The uptake at A Level is very high and we attribute this to the passion and enthusiasm that we display in everyday teaching. 

Wider Learning and Enrichment Opportunities: 

  • Trips to special talks including Marxism and Feminism
  • Visiting speakers
  • One – to one support