Super Curriculum

Super curricular activities are those that take your regular learning further. They take the subjects you study in the classroom beyond that which your teacher has taught you or what you’ve done for homework.  For example, you may go into more depth on a topic you’ve learned about in a lesson, or learn about a new topic altogether.

These activities are normally in the form of extra reading but they can take many other forms, like watching videos online, downloading podcasts, attending lectures, visiting museums or entering academic competitions.

Engaging in super curricular activities will help you develop a love for your favourite subject or subjects.  In the booklet there are a range of activities, suggested by your teachers.  They are by no means exhaustive lists but should get you started.  I would encourage you to share ideas and opportunities you come across with your teachers so that, over time, the recommended activities in this booklet can grow.

In the future, employers or universities will be interested to hear about what super curricular activities you have engaged in; they will be interested in what you have learned as well as being impressed by your efforts.