Trips and Visits

Trips provide students with an opportunity to learn within a new and stimulating environment, often these experiences ensure that the students’ learning within the classroom is put into context within the wider world.

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Overview of some trips which have been offered by departments:

The Modern Foreign Languages Department annually take students to a number of European cities where students enjoy the sites and practice their language skills. Closer to home students are taken to local French and Spanish restaurants where they speak to staff in their taught language and also sample the cuisine.

The Drama Department is dedicated to ensuring students enjoy the theatre at first hand. Here is just an example of some of the diverse productions and plays the students have enjoyed during their Drama trips: The Thrill of it, The Colour of Nonsense, Woman in Black, Kin, Hamlet, Mogadishu, Billy Elliot, The Railway Children, Lysistrata.

In the Art Department students take part in schemes linked to the Royal Academy of Art and visit the British Museum, V&A Museum and Natural History Museum where they are given specialised lectures on a range of interesting subjects linked to Art.

Within the Geography Department each year there is a residential trip to Swanage and the Jurassic Coast to study coastal landforms and management, as well as a visit to the River Chess near Amersham to study river processes. The Geography Department also runs a very successful trip to each year to Iceland. During their week in Iceland the students explore a number of the spectacular geographic landforms including; the Blue Lagoon Hotspring, Sólheimajökull the Black Glacier, Strokkur Geysir and three incredible waterfalls Gulfoss, Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss. Joe had this to say about the trip:

  • “The Geography trip to Iceland was too amazing for words. I saw everything I ever thought I would see, such as amazing waterfalls and black glaciers. It was an incredible experience and I wish I could do it all again. My favourite part of the trip was when Rakim, Danny and Suneet and I all rolled down Storma – Dimon, which is a 120 metre hill. But, even when we were in the airport, and even back in England, everyone was saying how they wished it had never ended, and I feel the same way.”

Students studying Travel and Tourism have taken students to the London Dungeons, Thorpe Park and Madame Tussauds where they learn about what makes these attractions so popular and successful.

In the RE Department students explored Rome where their learning was extended and consolidated visiting various places of historical significance. Students stayed at Villa Palazzola which is a retreat centre run by the Venerable English College in Rome set in the stunning countryside outside the city. In the evenings all the students took part in small group reflections in keeping with Catholic faith of the school.

At Easter each year the RE Department also takes a group of students to Lourdes as part of the HCPT Pilgrimage. The group is made up of Wiseman teachers and sixth form helpers and local children with disabilities. In preparation for the pilgrimage the helpers are involved in fundraising activities to sponsor the children. They also attend sessions to prepare themselves for looking after a child with special needs. During the week in Lourdes the group attend the torchlight procession, the HCPT trust Mass, visit the baths, have a trip to the beach and enjoy a fancy dress party among other things. On returning from Lourdes Matthew and Kristina said:

  • “What an eye opening experience, it really puts things into perspective and you end up learning more about yourself than anything else” Matthew, student helper
  • “Going to Lourdes with HCPT and the school was an amazing opportunity. We had a great time preparing and fundraising and it was a truly uplifting and unique week - a life changing trip!” Kristina, student helper.

The Biology Department places considerable emphasis on practical work, including fieldwork. Each year students studying Biology travel to Juniper Hall which provides students with a specific fieldwork programme directly related to work taught in the classroom. Students gain experience of collection of reliable quantitative ecological data involving specific factors including frequency, population density and percentage cover. Juniper Hall provides an ideal location and supports the necessary investigative and practical skills needed to succeed at studying Biology.

The Physics Department have taken student to CERN in Switzerland - the home of the Large Hadron Collider

The History Department have been running an immensely popular and successful trip to the Somme for many years. Students visit the World War One battlefields of France and Belgium, including Commonwealth and German cemeteries, a highlight of the trip is attending the Menin Gate ceremony in Ypres. Students are often profoundly moved by the experience of this trip.

Each year the Politics Department take students to the Palace of Westminster. Students participate in a workshop on a topic relevant to their studies and enjoy a guided tour of the palace including both the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Students also have also had the opportunity to attend BBC Question time and the London Mayor’s Question Time where they were active audience members.

The PE Department run a variety of trips, including football tours to Europe where students have the opportunity to play in top class facilities and see the best players in action.