World Book Day

Thursday 5th January is World Book Day!

Competition for WBD

The Librarians asked Wiseman staff to take a shelfie – a picture of their bookshelves. Now all you have to do is to say which set of shelves belongs to which member of staff.

We are offering a little bit of help – we have listed the names of the staff who sent us a shelfie. All you have to do is to match the shelves to the member of staff.

There will be a prize for the first correct student entry and a prize for the first correct staff entry. Answer sheets must be handed into the Library by the end of school on Monday 9th March.

Good luck!


Ms Baker                    Art                              Ms Knight                  Library

Mrs Dalton                Chaplaincy               Mrs McKenzie           Library

Ms Conran                 English                       Ms Madden               Music

Ms Farrow                 English                       Dr. Marshall               Science

Mr. Jenner                 History                       Ms A. Murphy           English

Mrs Keating               Link Group                Mr Willis                     Chaplaincy

Mrs Mayes                  English


Shelfie 1        

Shelfie 2

Shelfie 3

Shelfie 4

Shelfie 5

Shelfie 6

Shelfie 7

Shelfie 8

Shelfie 9

Shelfie 10

Shelfie 11

Shelfie 12

Shelfie 13