Year Groups and Tutorial System

The Tutorial System

The tutorial system for each year group consists of Tutors, the Deputy Head of Year and Head of Year. These members of staff are the people that the students meet with most frequently and therefore have considerable influence upon each student's personal development and academic progress.

The Tutors encourage good attendance and punctuality, ensure correct uniform is worn and oversee the progress of all their tutees. Strong relationships are built with their tutees so that the welfare of the individual is continually addressed and given support when necessary.

It is the Tutor's responsibility to ensure all students partake in the Daily Act of Worship and attend all year group assemblies and Masses.

Heads of Year

The Head of Year and the Deputy Head of Year ensure that the school's Code of Conduct is adhered to by all the students in the year group.

The Head of Year and Deputy Head of Year track and monitor the students' progress throughout the year primarily through the Progress Grades system and the School Organiser system. Homework is monitored weekly and numerous systems are in place to ensure students are on task and striving to achieve their full potential.


The students are continually rewarded throughout the year for any successes or improvements they have made. This is achieved through Achievement and Behaviour Points System, the certification system, Achievement Assemblies and the Celebration of Success Evening.

Communication with Parents

The school recognises the need for parents to be involved in their children's education and communication between Home and School is continuous throughout the year. Each year group has its own Parent Information Evening which outlines key dates, a curriculum overview and suggestions on how to best support their child's learning from home. Parents receive information on their child's progress every half term through the Progress Grade System. The Year Teams provide a set of Curriculum reports once a year. The Parents' Consultation Evening enables parents to discuss their child's progress with the teachers and set targets for the future. Parents are encouraged to contact the school to discuss any issues with the staff via telephone or through pre-arranged meetings.

Education for all = Achievement for all

The Year Teams and Support Teams ensure that constant emphasis is placed on the Mission Statement and the motto "Education for all = Achievement for all".

Pastoral Teams

Please follow the link below to the Staff List for the current Pastoral Team