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All exam information and timetables will be posted here at the relevant times throughout the year so check back regularly. Scroll down to find your year group. 

Summer 2022 Exams Results Information


Arrangements for results days


Qualification type



GCE (AS, A Levels) and other Level 3 qualifications



GCSE and other Level 1/2 qualifications



Results can be collected from school hall from 08.30am.

There will be staff from the Senior Leadership Team, the Sixth Form Team, the Exams Team and Connexions to help support you with any enquiries. Year 13 can get support with UCAS or clearing related issues and Year 11 will be able to complete their enrolment for the Sixth Form.

If you cannot attend school on results day, you have the following options:

  • You may nominate someone to collect the results on your behalf. Please email the exams officer on exams@wiseman.ealing.sch.uk with the name of your nominated person. The nominated person will need to bring in ID to confirm their identification.
  • You may have the results posted to you. Please provide a stamped addressed envelope to the Exams Officer (Office B11).
  • Results not collected on the day will be available to collect from reception from 19th August (A Levels) and 25th August (GCSEs). Reception will be open from 09:00 to 1:00pm.
  • You may request results by email but they will not be available this way until 19th August (A Levels) and 26th August (GCSEs). Please email exams@wiseman.ealing.sch.uk giving your Full Name, Date of Birth, Address and Name of Parent.

Concerns about your results

When you receive your results, if you think that a grade is wrong, your first step should be to speak to Ms Quigley or a member of the school’s Exams Team for advice. They will be in room B4 on results days.

You will be able to apply for a POST-RESULTS SERVICE. The Post-Results Service form is attached. Please read about the services on offer from the exam boards and the deadlines for applying. To request a service, complete the required information on the form and sign it. You will need to pay via ParentPay for these services.Then you can hand-in the form the the exams team or email it to exams@wiseman.ealing.sch.uk


Certificates will be available for collection from the school late in the autumn term. You will be contacted with a date to come into school to check the certificate details are correct and to sign for them.

If you are unable to collect the certificates in person, please complete the Certificate Collection Form and return it to exams@wiseman.ealing.sch.uk.

Attached forms:

  • CW Candidate Post-Results Service Form Summer 2022

  • Certificate Collection Form

Sixth Form

Year 11

 Exam Tips

The exam boards all have website sections for specifically aimed at students and parents. You may find some of their suggestions helpful:

  • WJEC has some suggestions for students